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Company Profile

Bookmann India invites you as an independent Author/Publisher to make a mark in vast and potential Indian market.

Bookmann India is an author-friendly book publishing company. We offer an unparalleled customer service when you choose to publish with us.

Bookmann India is a growth-driven publishing house with an independent Editorial, Marketing & Production division. Our services are designed to give you the unique product that you would be proud to have published.

At Bookmann India we can edit, print, and bind your book. We can also undertake distribution and marketing of your book throughout India (subject to approval from our editorial board).

We can help you in making your book India-specific to showcase it in India.

At Bookmann India all author rights would remain with you. We at Bookmann India demand only continuity with you.
Only in case you want to make the book India-specific the copyright would be shared with Bookmann India.

You have the freedom to avail of our editorial and book processing/producing services at a competitive cost and to get your book shipped to your own destination at best economical rates in the world.

Our parent company - Taxmann is a leading Tax, Business and Educational book publishing house in India. We have an array of titles on varied subjects such as Business, Accounts, Management, Finance and other academic titles of general interest. Your success in these areas is guaranteed.
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